Our mission is to develop top-quality iOS, OSX, and web applications. Focusing on client success, and end-user satisfaction.

About Primordial Studios

Primordial Studios Inc. was founded in February 2013, to develop the highest quality mobile applications. In an era of first-person shooters, DLC, and graphically epic RPGs, board games have become a shrinking niche. Primordial Studios was founded to solve that very problem. Our internal development focuses on tablet board game apps for this generation, and the next.

Client Development Philosophy

Client application development adheres to the same process as our internal applications. Success of client applications is based upon constant and open communication. End-user satisfaction is the ultimate goal of all applications developed by Primordial Studios. Your application is no different.

Founder, CEO, CCO

Christopher Ross

Enthusiastic, client focused, developer interested in advancing skills related to open-source development, refinement of best practices, data scalability, and advanced API architecture. Adept at developing and deploying custom content management solutions, creation of web API middleware, UX/UI design, and project management. Thrives on implementing cutting-edge solutions to emerging issues surrounding constant connectivity, and hardware independent solutions.

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Fall City, WA, 98024